Merlin M-832

Merlin M832 FM Remote: $65 inc GST

These remotes suit garage door motors, Prolift 430R and Prolift 230T, as well as gate motors such as G950, G915, G715, G740A.
M842 Remotes are also compatable with these motors.

2012 Remotes $69 inc GST!! If your remote control is not listed here, please call the office on: 3806 0991 for immediate assistance with a compatible replacement.

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These new generation transmitters, feature High Security Code Hopping Technology transmitting a unique code chosen randomly from 4.29 billion possible codes that change each time the transmitter is used. They are available in 2 or 4 channels for operating additional merlin garage or gate openers or merlin compatible receivers. Available in a full size transmitter or key ring size. Easily identified by the round green button.

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