Control and safety systems for garage opener

Remote operated system garage opener

If you are opting for garage opener, in all probability you would want a remote operated system to drive in with ease. Whether you have a single door garage, or multiple door garages, remotes work well to control one or all systems. They can be small enough to fit into a keychain too.

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However, it’s good to have alternative methods of access in case you lock yourself out or the battery in your remote dies out. An indoor and outdoor wireless keypad works well to control your garage opener system and as part of your home security system.

Units with rolling security codes are also available that auto generate a new code for you each time you use it. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about stolen codes or even your neighbour’s remote accidentally opening your garage.

Remote operate systems Remote a Gate, gate openers are available too

Other features to consider about garage opener

Most openers come with an option of a security light that powers on automatically when you enter or exit. Remotes, too, have the option to turn on the garage light without opening your doors.

All types of garage opener come with a manual release system in case of power cuts or malfunctions. An additional security feature in some keypads is the vacation setting. Keypads with this option allow you to disable the garage opener for a set period. You can rest assured that your garage opener system will not react to other transmitters while you are away.

Your doors can be opened at speeds ranging from 7” per second to 14” per second. Depending on your needs, you can opt for a faster opening system.

Similarly, your choice of motor power too reflects on the system’s performance. Consider the size of your doors while choosing a garage opener. For large doors, it’s best to opt for a half horsepower motor. A motor powered by DC current runs more silently too.

While opting for any upgrades or specific settings, always keep in mind the security aspects of the system, especially when you have impatient kids darting in and out of the garage with their bikes or skates.