Purchasing Garage openers

Guide to Buying Garage Openers

If you are shopping for garage openers, you’ve probably heard enough about their benefits and convenience. Do you, however, know enough about their mechanism to choose the best model for your needs? Once inside the store, you’ll be advised to get the most high end versions citing safety utilities. But considering that a good quality garage opener is designed with safety as its priority, it’s always best to stick to a model that meets your requirements and not go over the top.

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Garage openers type of drive systems

The three basic drive systems you’ll find in garage openers are the belt drive system, screw drive system and the chain drive system. Such drive system are available for remote gate as popular solution.

Image of Merline PowerAce garage openers Model
Merlin PowerAce Garage Opener. photo: Remote a door

Belt drive – The belt drive system is by far the best option of garage openers. It has the smoothest operation among the three. Consequently, this system is also the quietest with reduced vibrations and is an excellent choice for homes that have living spaces adjacent or above the garage. This type of garage openers also has fewer moving parts, requiring less maintenance and lowers the probability for any malfunctions. Owing to it numerous benefits, this system comes with a hefty price, but is worth it in the long run.

Screw drive – The next best thing is the screw drive garage openers system that also has its share of benefits at a more affordable price. This lifting mechanism has plastic tracks and a threaded steel moving rod with minimal moving parts. They are fairly quiet in their operation and require less maintenance too.

Chain drive – The most economical among these three drives of garage openers is the chain drive system. It’s the most widely used system due to its competitive prices; but if you are upgrading from a noisy garage opener, this is not the one for you. It is, however, a dependable garage opener system if you don’t mind the metal chain lifts and the noise they produce.

Additionally, there’s also a computer controlled drive system that doesn’t use chains or extensive mechanisms that run the length of your garage ceiling. These garage openers systems are mounted above the door and can save room in your garage ceiling for storage.

In the next article we continue to explore Control and safety systems for garage openers