Program Your Garage Door Opener Remote

Programing your Garage door opener, a fairly easy task

Installing garage door opener remote control system is a great way to dispense with the inconvenience of getting out of your car each time you’d like to pull in or out of your garage. This popular system has evolved with time and brings with it a set of additional features to the common garage opener to make your garage both secure from trespassers and easy to access for your family.

Turning your garage door into a remote operated system is a fairly easy task. This system is available as an accessory that you can install yourself.
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Garage door opener types and functionality

The two main types of garage door opener remote control systems are the older remotes with code switches and the newer models with the rolling code technology. While the older models use code switches present in both the remotes and the receiver units in garage door openers to transmit signals, the newer models function by shuffling and changing codes each time the remote is used.

Image of Merline PowerAce model garage door opener
Programing your garage door opener. photo: Remote a door

As with other types of remotes, door opener remotes too rely on radio frequency to transmit their signals. The most common frequencies for garage door openers are 390 MHz, 318 MHz, 315 MHz, 310 MHz and 300 MHz. These frequency details are usually available in the manual or may even be labelled to the unit itself.

Installation procedure Garage door opener

For installing your new system, like with automatic gates, you can begin by locating your control box. They are typically installed high up, sometimes even in the ceiling.

Once you’ve accessed the control box of your garage opener system, remove the covering panel to look for the ‘learn’ button. Depending on the model, this black button could be located either on the base or the sides of the unit. This button should be easy to locate as there are not many buttons or switches in the control box.

Press the learn button until you see the indicator light blink on or until you hear a beep that indicates that the garage door opener unit is ready to be programmed.  Within about 30 seconds of pressing the learn button, select and press the button on your remote that will operate the door. Wait for the light to go out or for another beep from the unit to know that your new remote system is programmed and ready for use. Give it a try and check if it works.

If you have an older garage door opener system that runs on code switches, make sure that the code switches on the remote and the ones on the receiver are coordinated and aligned precisely. If the garage door receiver unit does not have any code switches, simply press the learn button and the remote simultaneously to activate the system.

It is generally a good practice to reprogram your remote operated garage door openers regularly to avoid security breaches.

While most garage door opener systems come with clear instructions for their installation, some also offer phone support to help you further. You can also verify the installation procedure with your supplier to choose one that’s easy for you to install now and reprogram later as well.