Garage roller doors

About garage roller doors

Durable garage roller doors

Durability plays a significant role, when it comes to garage roller doors. You would never like to have garage doors requiring replacement after some time. Garage roller doors are not only durable, but also require very little maintenance.
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Garage roller doors at various weather conditions

Garage doors are more exposed to heat and sun, so they are highly susceptible of getting damaged through heat. But garage roller doors like Remote a Gate swing gate solutions are resistant to heat and it cannot damage its surface. Moreover, high quality roller doors can fight against moisture also, and stay intact without getting corrosion.

Image of Garage roller doors
Model of Garage Roller Door

Garage roller door auto reverse system

Garage roller doors are equipped with auto reverse system, which enables them to move in reverse direction as soon as any object comes in their way while closing. This is great safety feature, as your kids and pets are very likely to come under the door, and the doors not having auto reverse feature can seriously injure them.

Using Photo Eye for Garage Roller Doors

There is one exclusive feature of the garage roller door, and that is photo eye feature. Photo eye feature enables you to see the objects coming in the area of five feet above the ground. While sitting in your car, you cannot comfortably see the ground area, but the photo eye feature will enable you to see that, because it captures the images of objects coming in that area.

When you open the garage roller door for parking your car, photo eyes capture the image of kids and pets. Should you find your kids or pets around the door, you can safely remove them and open the door. But the adjustment of photo eyes has to be done six feet above the ground, so that they can correctly do their function.
You might need to face dire consequences, if photo eyes are not exactly placed at correct place. Professionals are highly experienced, they do such settings daily.