Garage door wireless and wired keypad access control


For high security, keyless access control, the CENTSYS SMARTGUARD and its wireless sibling, SMARTGUARDair, deliver affordable, unmatched functionality and reliability to your property, or even inside your building.

Main features

Image of Centurion Nova Keypad
SmartGuard – Wireless and wired keypad access control

Multi-user capability

These keypads can accommodate up to 1000 unique PIN codes with any user-define length from one to ten digits.

Selectively add and delete

User codes can also be selectively deleted without affecting other codes stored in the memory. This makes administering your access control database so quick and easy.

Three, two, one… delete!

The keypads also boast a ‘down counter’ allowing selected codes to have a limited number of uses. This is ideal for granting single occasion access, for example to an armed response company, with the code automatically deleting itself after use.

Multichannel functionality

The SMARTGUARD offers three separate outputs – each configurable as either pulsing or latching while the SMARTGUARSair allows for more activation of up to 15 devices. Such functionality cater for many different scenarios example, a motorised gate entrance may be opened fully using the code, activate the pedestrian opening using another, and switching on the house alarm using a third.

Secure – inside and out

The addition of the CENTSYS SmartSwitch* maximises security and ensures that even with the keypad mounted outside the property, it cannot be ’hot-weird’ and the integrity of the site jeopardised.

*Applies to SMARTGUARD wired model only

Reliable memory backup

The same memory module used on the SupaNOVA may also be used on the SMARTGUARD and the same memory module used on the D10/D10 Turbo may also be used on the SMARTGUARDair, allowing all the setting and codes to be backed up and then later restored in seconds.

Wireless convenience

The SMARTGUARDair is a wireless model making it easy to install. It operated off two AA Alkaline batteries which provide up to two years of battery life with up to 300 operations per day! It is compatible with the CENTSYS ultra-secure code-hopping remote control, including those on board in many of our new operator controllers.