Brisbane Garage Doors and Roller Doors

Short guide to choose roller door

If you want to buy roller door, you have several choices. At the outset, most of the doors look same. However, if you study the features, advantages and limitations in details, you get to know the differences. The process of choosing a roller door becomes largely simplified when you understand these features.
Before you buy roller doors, make sure that you talk to the dealer or manufacturer and confirm about its performance.

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Image of Roller Door
Roller Door Installation photo: Remote a Door

Different types of roller doors

Unlike remote automated gates roller shutters manufactured by different companies have distinct features. However, on a broad basis, roller shutters are of five types.

  1. If the shutter box is fitted outside the building facade, the assembly is called built on door.
  2. Shutters in which the box is built into the building, usually into the window lintel, are called built in doors.
  3. Manual shutters are the ones that you operate manually by winding a handle.
  4. In electric doors, a tubular motor is fixed in the roller. These doors can also be connected to a remote control mechanism.
  5. The fifth type of roller shutter comes with tilting lathes. These are operated manually by winching a mechanism that works similar to venetian blinds.

Besides these, roller doors are of two kinds based on their structure – single skin doors and double skinned doors.
Talk to the dealer about these options, and understand the pros and cons of each so you can make an informed decision.
Things to keep in mind while buying roller doors
The choice of roller doors depends on three basic factors – usage pattern, available space and costs. Evaluate the features of each type of door based on these parameters to decide the one that is the most suitable for your needs.

When it comes to roller doors, you should never compromise on the quality. Cheap shutters might break down, be hard to operate and can lead to other security issues. Since shutters involve so many moving parts, damage to any one of them can hamper the performance of the entire assembly. So, even if you have to shell out a little more than you would like, do not compromise on quality.

Check out the materials used for construction of the roller door. Steel and aluminium are the best options. You need to pay a lot of attention when you buy electric doors. Ensure that the electronic systems are reliable because repair and maintenance of these doors can be difficult.
Also ensure that all safety criteria are followed. Buy from companies that have been making these shutters for at least five years. This is a very important aspect because the motor drive unit installed in the roller usually comes with a five year warranty. So, you can review the reliability of the company’s motors more profoundly.

Make sure that you get a warranty on remote controlled operations. Good manufacturers usually offer two radio signal enabled remote controls. Furthermore, the remote control should function perfectly from at least 20 meters distance from the door. You can also check out the range of roller doors that can be controlled using your smart phones. They can be very convenient. Ensure that you can operate the door smoothly when power is off.

Security features need special attention. Find out about the safety requirements in your State and make sure that the door offers all the required features. Check the locking system and make sure that it is perfectly secure.

Robust roller doors prove cost effective in the long run because they do not need many repairs.