Garage Door Installation, Design, and Supply

Our Installations are Simpler

We work to make our installations simpler, because your time is important to us. We’ll send you a message the day before your appointment to remind you. Then, on the day of your appointment you’ll receive a notification, letting you know your technician is on the way. From there, you can track them as they come to you.

Positive Relationships, Productive Outcomes

Maintaining positive relationships with our suppliers is a huge priority to us. But we never partner with them. This way, we have a solid relationship for when we need a problem solved quickly, but there’s no pressure on us to buy their products. It means we choose the garage door that suits you best — not the one we have to choose. We do partner with a local fabrication company for our custom garage doors though.

Company History

Mark, our director, started out as a single operator back in 2001. He started Remote a Door in 2005 after he’d noticed a serious lack of decent customer service and reliability. Customers were paying huge amounts that didn’t guarantee a technician would arrive on time. In 2007, we launched Remote a Gate too. Both companies are headquartered in Brisbane today, with one franchise on the Gold Coast and one in Emerald.

Our Values

Understand your requirements to offer valuable solutions

Embrace emerging technologies

Quality Products, quality workmanship

Ultimate customer communication