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Garage door wireless and wired keypad access control


For high security, keyless access control, the CENTSYS SMARTGUARD and its wireless sibling, SMARTGUARDair, deliver affordable, unmatched functionality and reliability to your property, or even inside your building.

Main features

Image of Centurion Nova Keypad

SmartGuard – Wireless and wired keypad access control

Multi-user capability

These keypads can accommodate up to 1000 unique PIN codes with any user-define length from one to ten digits.

Selectively add and delete

User codes can also be selectively deleted without affecting other codes stored in the memory. This makes administering your access control database so quick and easy.

Three, two, one… delete!

The keypads also boast a ‘down counter’ allowing selected codes to have a limited number of uses. This is ideal for granting single occasion access, for example to an armed response company, with the code automatically deleting itself after use.

Multichannel functionality

The SMARTGUARD offers three separate outputs – each configurable as either pulsing or latching while the SMARTGUARSair allows for more activation of up to 15 devices. Such functionality cater for many different scenarios example, a motorised gate entrance may be opened fully using the code, activate the pedestrian opening using another, and switching on the house alarm using a third.

Secure – inside and out

The addition of the CENTSYS SmartSwitch* maximises security and ensures that even with the keypad mounted outside the property, it cannot be ’hot-weird’ and the integrity of the site jeopardised.

*Applies to SMARTGUARD wired model only

Reliable memory backup

The same memory module used on the SupaNOVA may also be used on the SMARTGUARD and the same memory module used on the D10/D10 Turbo may also be used on the SMARTGUARDair, allowing all the setting and codes to be backed up and then later restored in seconds.

Wireless convenience

The SMARTGUARDair is a wireless model making it easy to install. It operated off two AA Alkaline batteries which provide up to two years of battery life with up to 300 operations per day! It is compatible with the CENTSYS ultra-secure code-hopping remote control, including those on board in many of our new operator controllers.

Garage roller doors

About garage roller doors

Durable garage roller doors

Durability plays a significant role, when it comes to garage roller doors. You would never like to have garage doors requiring replacement after some time. Garage roller doors are not only durable, but also require very little maintenance.
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Garage roller doors at various weather conditions

Garage doors are more exposed to heat and sun, so they are highly susceptible of getting damaged through heat. But garage roller doors like Remote a Gate swing gate solutions are resistant to heat and it cannot damage its surface. Moreover, high quality roller doors can fight against moisture also, and stay intact without getting corrosion.

Image of Garage roller doors

Model of Garage Roller Door

Garage roller door auto reverse system

Garage roller doors are equipped with auto reverse system, which enables them to move in reverse direction as soon as any object comes in their way while closing. This is great safety feature, as your kids and pets are very likely to come under the door, and the doors not having auto reverse feature can seriously injure them.

Using Photo Eye for Garage Roller Doors

There is one exclusive feature of the garage roller door, and that is photo eye feature. Photo eye feature enables you to see the objects coming in the area of five feet above the ground. While sitting in your car, you cannot comfortably see the ground area, but the photo eye feature will enable you to see that, because it captures the images of objects coming in that area.

When you open the garage roller door for parking your car, photo eyes capture the image of kids and pets. Should you find your kids or pets around the door, you can safely remove them and open the door. But the adjustment of photo eyes has to be done six feet above the ground, so that they can correctly do their function.
You might need to face dire consequences, if photo eyes are not exactly placed at correct place. Professionals are highly experienced, they do such settings daily.

Garage door remote

About garage door remotes

Garage door remote user manual

Read the user manual carefully, as all the precautions and safety measures of remote are precisely mentioned there. On the garage door remote there is one red indicator light in your remote control, which signals you about low battery. Immediately change the battery, as you notice red light showing up on your remote.

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Solutions presented in this article are available also for Remote a Gate automatic gate solutions and similar.

Image of the garage door remote - C-945

Garage door remote – C-945

Image of Grage door remote M-802

Garage door remote – M-802

Lamination of the garage door remote

Get your remote control laminated with very fine transparent plastic, as you do for your mobiles. This will keep the garage remote control new, will protect it from scratches, liquids and will enhance the life of your remote control.

Garage door remote cover

You need to keep the garage door remote protected against all the odds such as water, heat and fall. The best thing you can do is, get one remote cover. There are many remote covers available in the market in different sizes and colours.

Match the cover, with the colour of your garage door remote control and give it a trendy look, so you can still use it as your key chain. Prefer buying not a very bulky remote cover.

If anytime you lose your hold over the remote and it slip down from your hands, the remote cover will protect the garage door remote. The remote cover will provide a tough brace to the remote, to bear all the injuries without getting hurt.

Garage door remote balance of doors

There should be proper balance in the doors to make sure that they open and close comfortably, as soon as they get instructions for that. But after installing the doors, if you find them unable to open with the help of your garage door remote, and you require putting enormous strength to move the door, it’s a clear signal that doors are out of balance.

You need to immediately call professionals to fix the problem. Self-efforts can seriously hurt you, so don’t mess with them on your own.

Garage door

If the garage door isn’t sturdy enough

Your present door may not be as sturdy as newer door designs. This is especially true if your door is significantly old. Over the years, newer materials have been introduced in the construction sector, thereby facilitating stronger doors.

Sturdy garage door

With families now buying more advanced and higher priced vehicles, a sturdy garage door is a must. You would want to ensure the best level of protection for your car after all. Try to change the doors if you feel that the present one isn’t strong enough. Furthermore, if you travel often for work and tend to leave the house unattended regularly and for long periods of time, a better garage door is probably more of a requirement than a choice.
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If the garage door is structurally damaged

Sometimes people tend to manage with damaged doors even if they sport cracks, holes and more. If you see that there is any sort of physical damage that will cost a lot to repair, change the door once and for all. (Similar topic is available at Remote a Gate Automatic Gate Solutions).

Image of Garage Door Tilt Type

Garage Door Tilt Type

Automatic Garage doors

Garage door that saves time

In the mornings when are in rush for going to office, and you are already getting late, opening manual garage doors, bringing your car out of garage and then closing the door consumes  enormous time of yours. It might create a lot of mess such as, in hurry; you might forget to lock the door, or forget to take the keys away from the door or any other mess, which can lead to serious damage.

But with automated garage doors, whatever emergency or hurry you have, you can promptly bring your car out of garage, and reach your destination without much ado. Automated garage doors save a lot of precious time of yours.

Automatic garage door provide security

You can safeguard your home from burglars and intruders, breaking into your house with the intention of stealing your car. An automated garage door cannot be unlocked by everyone. Only the owner will have an access to open the door. They give you incredible security, while you are sleeping or away from home for several days.

Program Your Garage Door Opener Remote

Programing your Garage door opener, a fairly easy task

Installing garage door opener remote control system is a great way to dispense with the inconvenience of getting out of your car each time you’d like to pull in or out of your garage. This popular system has evolved with time and brings with it a set of additional features to the common garage opener to make your garage both secure from trespassers and easy to access for your family.

Turning your garage door into a remote operated system is a fairly easy task. This system is available as an accessory that you can install yourself.
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Garage door opener types and functionality

The two main types of garage door opener remote control systems are the older remotes with code switches and the newer models with the rolling code technology. While the older models use code switches present in both the remotes and the receiver units in garage door openers to transmit signals, the newer models function by shuffling and changing codes each time the remote is used.

Image of Merline PowerAce model garage door opener

Programing your garage door opener. photo: Remote a door

As with other types of remotes, door opener remotes too rely on radio frequency to transmit their signals. The most common frequencies for garage door openers are 390 MHz, 318 MHz, 315 MHz, 310 MHz and 300 MHz. These frequency details are usually available in the manual or may even be labelled to the unit itself.

Installation procedure Garage door opener

For installing your new system, like with automatic gates, you can begin by locating your control box. They are typically installed high up, sometimes even in the ceiling.

Once you’ve accessed the control box of your garage opener system, remove the covering panel to look for the ‘learn’ button. Depending on the model, this black button could be located either on the base or the sides of the unit. This button should be easy to locate as there are not many buttons or switches in the control box.

Press the learn button until you see the indicator light blink on or until you hear a beep that indicates that the garage door opener unit is ready to be programmed.  Within about 30 seconds of pressing the learn button, select and press the button on your remote that will operate the door. Wait for the light to go out or for another beep from the unit to know that your new remote system is programmed and ready for use. Give it a try and check if it works.

If you have an older garage door opener system that runs on code switches, make sure that the code switches on the remote and the ones on the receiver are coordinated and aligned precisely. If the garage door receiver unit does not have any code switches, simply press the learn button and the remote simultaneously to activate the system.

It is generally a good practice to reprogram your remote operated garage door openers regularly to avoid security breaches.

While most garage door opener systems come with clear instructions for their installation, some also offer phone support to help you further. You can also verify the installation procedure with your supplier to choose one that’s easy for you to install now and reprogram later as well.

The machanics behind door openers

Door openers, fairly simple system

Door openers are motorised devices designed mainly to operate garage doors. They are controlled by switches and keypads installed within and outside the garage, and also by remotes.

They are a fairly simple system as they do not require an elaborate set up. If you haven’t given it much thought, here are a few simple details you’d probably like to know.
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The electric door openers function

Image of TitlMaster - Garage Door Openers

TitlMaster – Garage Open Door photo: Remote a Door

An electric opener does not directly open or shut the garage door. Instead, it relies on a set of counterbalance springs that are attached to the door to lift it. The tension from these springs lifts the door with the help of steel cables.

The cables are rolled up in a clockwise direction to open the door, and in a counterclockwise direction to bring it down. The door openers themself helps only to control how far the doors open and close, and to keep the door locked.

The Door openers’ power unit

Door openers have a power unit that houses the electric motor. This power unit is attached to a track that runs along the ceiling of the garage. A drive system (chain, belt or screw) extends from above the garage door and runs along the track to help raise or lower the door when the motor turns.

The door openers equipped with a quick release device too. It is incorporated in this system to switch to manual operations in case of power failures. Limit switches installed in the power unit controls how far the doors should open or close when it receives the signal from a push button or a remote control.

How does a remote controlled system function?

Just like any other remote control system, a garage door openers’ remote system too relies on low power radio frequency to function. It offers you the convenience of staying put and operating your garage doors from your car.

Few older versions of garage door openers were considered unsafe as one remote could potentially transmit to a neighbour’s receiver and open their doors. Their frequency had to be adjusted each time they opened a neighbour’s door.

However, modern remote operated systems have been designed with rolling security codes that are almost impossible to break. A new code is generated regularly to avoid the threat of stolen codes.

A series of switches are located within the remote and its’ receiver box for aligned operation.

Safety features in both door openers systems

The safety aspect of door openers as well as in Remote a Gate Automatic gate openers is given much importance as they are probably the largest automatic moving objects in homes. The risks of employing a system that is not equipped with the basic security features are many.

Key features include a manual operation option and a safety reversal system.

In the event of a power or mechanical failure, a manual operation system can keep you from getting stranded inside or out. Similarly, sensors that stop doors from opening or closing when there is an obstruction in its path are a must.

A few other factors too contribute towards the safety of door openers such as the speed at which the doors open or close, the height at which switches or manual operation ropes are fixed, security lights that power on when you drive into the garage, and lockout features where you can turn off your system when you are on vacation.

Benefits and Features of Roller Doors

Roller doors Brisbane

Roller doors have become immensely popular due to their design and functionality. Apart from their commercial uses, they have become an indispensible part of garage systems in homes.
Roller doors Brisbane services offer excellent delivery and installation options as well. So if you are on the lookout for roller doors for your garage, here’s what you need to know.

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Features of roller doors

The two main components of roller doors are the main door curtain and the rolling mechanism. But if you are looking for any additional components or specific features, there’s a ton of options waiting for you.

Image of Garage Roller Doors

Garage Roller Door. photo: Remote a Door

When it comes to materials, there’s not much of choice here as roller doors are chiefly made out of steel. The strength of this material, its durability and its flexible properties, which allows it to be customised to prevailing weather conditions, makes it an ideal choice. To avoid a worn out appearance, anti scuffing technology is employed like the use of mini grove top sheets for the door curtain.

the features are also related and similar to Remote a Gate remote gates automatic systems

Roller doors design and colour

When it comes to design and colour you have an unlimited choice. They can be powder coated to any colour of your preference. Similarly, they can be tailor-made to suit your building’s design and blend in well with your exteriors.
As mentioned above, these doors are tough and can weather extreme temperatures. In case of higher risk locations, like cyclone or storm prone areas, their wind rating is also given preference and the doors can be suitably built. They can be weatherproofed as well to keep rain or debris from blowing in though crevices.
Their smooth operation and balanced rolling depends on the kind of spring technology used to build them. So this is a good point to ensure while making your purchase.
Roller garage doors come in standard styles and sizes. But if you prefer to have them specifically made to suit your needs, Remote a Door roller doors Brisbane services offer customised solutions too.

Benefits of roller doors

For decades now, roller doors have been the only reliable choice for garage doors. Whether you have a manual system of opening and closing your doors or a more modern automatic garage opener system, these doors are a good fit. Most garage opening systems too have been designed keeping in mind their compatibility with steel roller doors.
They are almost fail proof and require minimal maintenance and cleaning. Unlike wooden doors that expand and contract, steel doors do not malfunction or get jammed due to weather changes. Another advantage with roller doors is their cost effectiveness. They are well worth the money, which is not much to begin with.
Further, roller doors also offer maximum safety and security. Since garages offer easy access into your house, they need to be well secured. The easiest way to do that would be to have roller doors installed. They are impossible to get through, and with a good alarm system in place, any attempts to break in can be warded off.
Remote a Door the roller doors Brisbane specialists offer expert installation and maintenance packages to ensure all these advantages are covered.

Control and safety systems for garage opener

Remote operated system garage opener

If you are opting for garage opener, in all probability you would want a remote operated system to drive in with ease. Whether you have a single door garage, or multiple door garages, remotes work well to control one or all systems. They can be small enough to fit into a keychain too.

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However, it’s good to have alternative methods of access in case you lock yourself out or the battery in your remote dies out. An indoor and outdoor wireless keypad works well to control your garage opener system and as part of your home security system.

Units with rolling security codes are also available that auto generate a new code for you each time you use it. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about stolen codes or even your neighbour’s remote accidentally opening your garage.

Remote operate systems Remote a Gate, gate openers are available too

Other features to consider about garage opener

Most openers come with an option of a security light that powers on automatically when you enter or exit. Remotes, too, have the option to turn on the garage light without opening your doors.

All types of garage opener come with a manual release system in case of power cuts or malfunctions. An additional security feature in some keypads is the vacation setting. Keypads with this option allow you to disable the garage opener for a set period. You can rest assured that your garage opener system will not react to other transmitters while you are away.

Your doors can be opened at speeds ranging from 7” per second to 14” per second. Depending on your needs, you can opt for a faster opening system.

Similarly, your choice of motor power too reflects on the system’s performance. Consider the size of your doors while choosing a garage opener. For large doors, it’s best to opt for a half horsepower motor. A motor powered by DC current runs more silently too.

While opting for any upgrades or specific settings, always keep in mind the security aspects of the system, especially when you have impatient kids darting in and out of the garage with their bikes or skates.

Purchasing Garage openers

Guide to Buying Garage Openers

If you are shopping for garage openers, you’ve probably heard enough about their benefits and convenience. Do you, however, know enough about their mechanism to choose the best model for your needs? Once inside the store, you’ll be advised to get the most high end versions citing safety utilities. But considering that a good quality garage opener is designed with safety as its priority, it’s always best to stick to a model that meets your requirements and not go over the top.

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Garage openers type of drive systems

The three basic drive systems you’ll find in garage openers are the belt drive system, screw drive system and the chain drive system. Such drive system are available for remote gate as popular solution.

Image of Merline PowerAce garage openers Model

Merlin PowerAce Garage Opener. photo: Remote a door

Belt drive – The belt drive system is by far the best option of garage openers. It has the smoothest operation among the three. Consequently, this system is also the quietest with reduced vibrations and is an excellent choice for homes that have living spaces adjacent or above the garage. This type of garage openers also has fewer moving parts, requiring less maintenance and lowers the probability for any malfunctions. Owing to it numerous benefits, this system comes with a hefty price, but is worth it in the long run.

Screw drive – The next best thing is the screw drive garage openers system that also has its share of benefits at a more affordable price. This lifting mechanism has plastic tracks and a threaded steel moving rod with minimal moving parts. They are fairly quiet in their operation and require less maintenance too.

Chain drive – The most economical among these three drives of garage openers is the chain drive system. It’s the most widely used system due to its competitive prices; but if you are upgrading from a noisy garage opener, this is not the one for you. It is, however, a dependable garage opener system if you don’t mind the metal chain lifts and the noise they produce.

Additionally, there’s also a computer controlled drive system that doesn’t use chains or extensive mechanisms that run the length of your garage ceiling. These garage openers systems are mounted above the door and can save room in your garage ceiling for storage.

In the next article we continue to explore Control and safety systems for garage openers

Remote Control door for Garage

Popular solution for garages, remote control door

In the 21st century, which can be called the age of digitisation or automation, running out in a bad storm to roll out garage door manually seems very inappropriate. Remote control door for garages are very much in demand these days, and not without reason. The benefits of installing these doors are numerous, despite the money you need to shell out for automation.

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Remote control door – You don’t need to install a new door

Remote Control Door and Remote Control Gate. Photo: Remote a Door.

Image of Remote Control Door and Remote Control Gate. photo: Remote a Door.

A very common misunderstanding among people is that installing remote control doors for their garage entails fixing a new door assembly. This is not true. Your existing manual door can be converted into an electric door. However, make sure that you choose the right service provider.
In order to enjoy all the benefits associated with remote control doors, make sure that you purchase a robust system. Check the performance of the door and ensure that you obtain warranty.


When you talk of remote control doors, convenience is the major factor that convinces people to upgrade to automated assembly. With a remote control door, all you have to do is put your finger on the right button and the door slides up to welcome you.

While many people prefer the convenience of remote control doors, these garages are a prerequisite for pregnant women, elderly people and those who suffer back problems, arthritis, heart diseases or some kind of orthopaedic conditions.

Latest models of automated doors integrate the controls with your smart phone. In other words, you can use your smart phone as a garage remote. This makes it all the more convenient since one gadget does all the work.

Security using remote control doors
Breaking through remote control door garage is much tougher than breaking into a manual garage. Although you can install alarm protection for any kind of garage door, installing remote doors serves as a second level of security.

Read here about remote controlled gates for home and backyard security.

Manual doors, unlike remote control door are easy to open because all the thieves need to do is unscrew certain bolts and hinges with simple tools. Remote doors do not have hinges, handles and other parts that can become a safety liability.

Protection from bad weather
Protect yourself from being drenched in a rainstorm or taking the heat of scorching sun while you manually roll garage doors up and down. When you have remote control doors, you can open the garage from the safety and comfort of your car and drive right through.

Save time with remote control door

Opening and closing automated remote control doors, garage doors, becomes quick and easy when compared to doing it manually. So, on a day when your alarm clock decides to take a day off, you don’t have to be held up and be late for work because of a garage door, a remote control door that tests your physical and mental endurance irrespective of the emergency.

Go through the terms and conditions to make sure that all parts of the doors are covered under the guarantee. Also, regular maintenance and servicing the door once in six months ensures prolonged efficiency.

Speech recognition garage doors are already in the market. However, they are very expensive as of now and research is being carried out to make the doors more affordable. It will not be long until you can just say “open sesame” to open your garage. Until then, remote control doors are your most convenient options.


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